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Discover an artistry and passion that goes into handmade textiles. From cozy knits to intricate wovens, every creation is a unique labour of love.

About Me

Christopher M. Ochs Arts & Crafts is a small business dedicated to creating and sharing the beauty of handmade textiles. With a deep appreciation for traditional crafting techniques, I carefully handcraft each item to ensure the highest quality and unique charm.  The collection includes a variety of elegant crochets, cozy knits, and intricate wovens, all made with attention to detail and fine materials—many out of my own handspun yarns.


I believe in supporting the art of handmade crafts and strive to bring warmth and joy to your home through my creations. Thank you for supporting my passion for artisanal textiles.






Customer Reviews 

"Perfect and exactly what I was looking for." — Matt C.

“Beautifully hand-spun and crafted shawl.  I love it!  Highly recommend this craftsman!!  Thanks so much, Christopher.” — Donna D.

“Extraordinary crafting and attention to detail in this gorgeous handwoven scarf!" — Carol O.

“Warm and cozy!  I love the colors and it is so soft.  Thank you!" — Kristen H.

“This beautiful handcrafted, handspun wool shawl is absolutely exquisite.  It's stylish, cozy and so warm and comfortable.  Each piece of clothing he designs and creates is a piece of art and is truly one of a kind." — Diane Y.

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Indulge in the beauty and craftsmanship of crocheted, knitted, handspun, and woven textiles. Each piece tells a story and adds warmth to any home.